[Application] NL10 rush 100k hand stake

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      Hey hey its fusionpk!

      So basically I would like to get a stake for NL10rush, it will be played over 100k hands which will take me ~1month. Here is the deal:
      Ideally I would like $400 roll.
      After 100k hands staker gets stake back aswell as 50% of profit.
      I think this is a fair deal.

      Since I am not 100% confident in my NL10 game I am offering a get-out clause for the staker, if at any point the staker wants to stop the stake and have me return the remainder of the bankroll then this is fine, but I would much prefer it if not, even if I went on a downswing im confident that within 100k hands and with 40BI BRM I would make a profit for definite.

      My history? I play at stars and I started a blog about 6weeks ago, I crushed NL2 and then I continued to crush NL5, I moved to NL10 and was also crushing things couldn't go any better right? But over the next 20k hands I just.. lost. This knocked my confidence and I just gave up, played the games I knew I could beat (MTTs) and spewed off the majority of my roll pretty much. I think what happened is I was playing the deep tables lost a couple of deep coolers and then lost my cool/focus and then began stacking off too light. So at NL10 I was about break even in the end.

      Im pretty confident just not 100% confident. But I do feel like this will be lucrative for us both.

      Perhaps this isn't the best pitch but atleast it's honest. Is this a gamble? Possibly, but I don't think so, I am offering a good sample size and a nice get out clause.

      Why me?
      I can play ALOT of volume 100k month is easy and if I am running/playing well I will probably do it in less.
      I am focused determined and I crushed the limits below, I just thing this was my first real downswing and I gave up too quick. If I had rl money to put into this I would definitely wouldn't be asking for a stake.

      I am really confident, really focused and I really think I can do it. I am happy to let the backer sweat me and view daily graphs/hands.

      I would like to play rush so that I can get volume in. Please let me know.

      Below is a graph of NL2/5/10 Between 40k hands and 90k hands is NL10 and you can see that I was clearly crushing to begin with and then took a big swing down, I think it was a mix of running bad and losing my cool. Hey, I never lost at NL10? I just broke even in the end.

      Why I want a stake:
      I haven't got $300/400 rl money that I can put into this atm (its xmas uno).
      I want to rebuild my roll.
      I want to prove to myself I can beat this limit and move up asap.

      Any questions plz ask and ill post feedback thread below :)
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