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Pockets/Sets on Flop

    • AngryJack7
      Joined: 22.07.2010 Posts: 148
      This might be a silly questions but...
      I'm wondering what's the best way to recognize a set of an opponent made with small/medium pockets(22-99)
      Is it by limping into flop,huge raise after the flop?
      Most ppl slow play sets and if someone hold like 22 and flop brings 2 K Q noone gonna pay attention to sweet little deuce on the flop :D
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    • scscpoker
      Joined: 29.06.2010 Posts: 121
      U must have some reads on opponent, like if he is "passive", "agressive bluffer" etc., for example with HUD stats (external application like PokerStrategy Elephant)

      Most opponents play weak when they havent really strong hand, so if opponent check/calls or bet/calls, they arent as strong as if they re-re-raise ur bet. If they shows so big strength and they arent some extreme bluffers, its very possible that they have some "nuts" - depends on opponent what does he call nuts, someone can go broke w/ top pair middle kicker.

      Many opponents shows big strength just by raising, for example check/calls u on flop and c/raises turn, because they wanna create as BIG POT as possible. (if u 3-bet and opponent 4-bets, u can already know u are beat, against average opponents)

      - If opponent slowplays, he must show his interest in raising to get big pot in some point of hand. If he doesnt, u lose only small pot.

      Ofc, when u have relatively small stack, its almost impossible to get away from that hand - but if ur 100bb deep, preflop 4bb, flop 5bb, turn 15bb and opponent raises u 40bb, then its not so hard to fold top pair.