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Petru vs himself [SnG challenge]

    • ppedrin
      Joined: 24.04.2010 Posts: 917
      Hi guys,

      I decided to start a blog here mainly to track my progress and get some feedback from other more experienced players.

      From the start I must confess than my English skill is not so good, therefore please excuse me from now for my future mistakes.

      So here we go: My name is Petru and I'm romanian but atm i live in Torino(Turin), Italy.

      I've started to play/study poker on 24 april 2010.At that moment i din't had a stable internet connection and that's why I din't played so much.In summer I left behind completely poker.But now I'm back.I had 3 euros on my Party account and I started to play 1EUR SnGs.I've rechead 35 euros in 3 days and after 1 more week i was still there.Meanwhile I recived my first TAF bonus(55$ = 41 EUR at that time) and I decided to make this move: Withdraw the money from Party, and make a deposit on another room affiliated at PS.

      I choosed, deposited 75 EUR and started my journey on the poker realm.

      So until today I played 1EUR SnGs(rake included).Today i've tried for the first time the 2EUR SnG's.Played only a set of 4 tables and din't went so good(1 first place and 1 3rd.Sadly i sucked out in bubble with AA at another 1 but I'm not mad at all).

      1 EUR SnG's I played a maximum of 10 tables but only for 1 time.Most often played 6 or 8.I can't focus really well playing tiled therefore i play allways stacked.

      Short therm goals:

      Watch as many videos as I can.

      Read at least one poker book for every 2 months.

      Improve my ICM skill.

      Clear 100% deposit bonus(22% atm, when I'll reach 33.99% I'll get 25 EUR).

      SnGs: 255
      BR: 108.68 EUR
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    • vladul11
      Joined: 31.03.2010 Posts: 1,344
      Good luck man!
    • ppedrin
      Joined: 24.04.2010 Posts: 917
      Last days I din't played too much therefore here we are for now:

      I participated at a coaching session at least so I'm glad for that.

      SnGs(2 EUR): 27

      BR: 139.44
    • ppedrin
      Joined: 24.04.2010 Posts: 917
      Hey guys,

      Even if I can't play too much this days I'm doing well enough for now:

      I also cleared out first part of my bonus deposit wich is 25 EUR.

      Goals for this month:

      :diamond: Finish to read Collin Moshman's book.
      :diamond: 250 SnGs

      So far here we are:

      SnGs: 77

      BR: 184 EUR
    • ppedrin
      Joined: 24.04.2010 Posts: 917
      Big step

      Tonight I've tried for the first time on MTTs:

      2.5 EUR buy-in with 2000 EUR Guaranteed

      I finished 318 / 982.

      No Limit Holdem Tournament
      8 Players
      Hand Conversion Powered by

      UTG Vituperio72 (6,925)
      UTG+1 mattew03 (13,515)
      MP1 dumaste (3,095)
      MP2 beria (7,095)
      CO fabio750 (12,560)
      BTN Hero (4,035)
      SB NickWar (6,665)
      BB KingPoker01 (3,305)

      Blinds: 150/300 Ante 25

      Pre-Flop: (650, 8 players) Hero is BTN 4:diamond: A:diamond:
      5 folds, Hero goes all-in 4,010, 1 fold, KingPoker01 goes all-in 2,980

      Flop: 9:spade: 10:club: K:heart: (6,910, 2 players, 2 all-in)

      Turn: 2:heart: (6,910, 2 players, 2 all-in)

      River: A:spade: (6,910, 2 players, 2 all-in)

      Final Pot: 6,910,000
      Hero shows PAIR ACE
      4:diamond: A:diamond:
      KingPoker01 shows STRAIGHT ACE
      Q:spade: J:heart:

      KingPoker01 wins 6,910 (net +3,605)

      Hero collects 730 (net -3,305)

      2 EUR buy-in with 100 EUR bonus added to the total prizes.

      There was 288 players.

      These are critical situations of this tournament:

      ITM(last 27 players).

      No Limit Holdem Tournament
      7 Players
      Hand Conversion Powered by

      UTG noelu (14,159)
      UTG+1 WATCH1968 (5,313)
      MP gggal (30,000)
      CO violas (22,157)
      BTN arturo06 (32,165)
      SB thelast64 (9,902)
      BB Hero (6,260)

      Blinds: 800/1,600 Ante 150

      Pre-Flop: (3,450, 7 players) Hero is BB 6:diamond: 2:spade:
      2 folds, gggal calls 1,600, 1 fold, arturo06 calls 1,600, thelast64 calls 800, Hero checks

      Flop: K:diamond: 2:club: 6:club: (7,450, 4 players)
      thelast64 checks, Hero checks, gggal bets 1,600, 1 fold, thelast64 folds, Hero goes all-in 4,510, gggal calls 2,910

      Turn: 8:club: (16,470, 2 players, 1 all-in)

      River: 7:diamond: (16,470, 2 players, 1 all-in)

      Final Pot: 16,470
      gggal shows PAIR KING
      J:heart: K:spade:
      Hero shows TWO_PAIR SIX TWO
      6:diamond: 2:spade:

      Hero wins 16,470 (net +10,210)

      gggal lost 6,260
      arturo06 lost 1,750
      thelast64 lost 1,750

      No Limit Holdem Tournament
      3 Players
      Hand Conversion Powered by

      BTN Marciano57 (340k)
      SB 12358 (149k)
      BB Hero (87k)

      Blinds: 2.5k/5k Ante 500

      Pre-Flop: (9k, 3 players) Hero is BB K:heart: Q:spade:
      Marciano57 folds, 12358 calls 2.5k, Hero goes all-in 87k, 12358 calls 82k

      Flop: 6:heart: 9:heart: 8:spade: (175k, 2 players, 1 all-in)

      Turn: 2:heart: (175k, 2 players, 1 all-in)

      River: 5:diamond: (175k, 2 players, 1 all-in)

      Final Pot: 175k
      12358 shows HIGH_CARD QUEEN
      J:diamond: Q:club:
      Hero shows HIGH_CARD KING
      K:heart: Q:spade:

      Hero wins 180k (net +88k)

      12358 lost 87k

      And here we have the last hand:

      No Limit Holdem Tournament
      2 Players
      Hand Conversion Powered by

      SB Hero (69k)
      BB Marciano57 (507k)

      Blinds: 3k/6k Ante 600

      Pre-Flop: (10k, 2 players) Hero is SB 8:spade: K:heart:
      Hero goes all-in 68k, Marciano57 calls 62k

      Flop: 6:club: 9:diamond: A:spade: (137k, 2 players, 1 all-in)

      Turn: Q:spade: (137k, 2 players, 1 all-in)

      River: 3:diamond: (137k, 2 players, 1 all-in)

      Final Pot: 137k
      Marciano57 shows HIGH_CARD ACE
      10:diamond: K:diamond:
      Hero shows HIGH_CARD ACE
      8:spade: K:heart:

      Marciano57 wins 137k (net +69k)

      Hero collects 3k (net -69k)

      Finished 2nd and recived 98.14 EUR.

      Here is my 2 EUR SnGs graph:


      2 EUR SnGs: 107

      BR: 282.59
    • ppedrin
      Joined: 24.04.2010 Posts: 917
      Next step: buy-in = 3 EUR

      This is the last graph on 2 EUR SnGs.

      Played 150 tournaments:


      BR = 302,33EUR( 98 from MTT and 25 from deposit bonus)

      Yesterday I started playing the next limit: 3 EUR Turbos.

      The opponets seems to be weaker than 1EUR or 2 EUR, or at least they are way too lose.

      So far I played only 48 tournaments and the start was very rough but i managed well and had a very nice come back.

      BR: 332.79 EUR

      This days I will not play too much, but after 1 January 2011 I will fix some "real" objectives.

    • ppedrin
      Joined: 24.04.2010 Posts: 917
      Goodbye 2010!

      Objectives achieved:

      1. 250 SnGs played(started on 21 december)

      2. Finished Collin Moshman's book

        I liked it very much.I recommend it to any begginer SnG player.

      Here is my graph @ 3 EUR SnGs:

      And here we have december's graph(when I started to play on are not included the MTTs.

      SnGs: 500
      ROI: 28.2%
      ITM: 50.4%


      Till now i cleared out 2 parts of my deposit bonus(remained only 1=25 EUR).

      Here I will need to clear also these bonuses recived from weekly or 2 weeks rankings.

      And if until 31 december 00:00 hours nothing else will change, I will recive also this cute bonus(doubled up because on december was this promotion):

      And here we go dear 2010, we will say goodbye to you.The only thing that i regret for this year is the fact that i didn't start to play poker earlier.

      Stay tuned for 2011, an year with big ambitions!

      A happy new year to all of you!

      BR= 443.31 EUR
    • ppedrin
      Joined: 24.04.2010 Posts: 917
      Ok, here we are....It's been a while since I din't updated my blog, and the main reason is that i focused on my other blog from the romanian community.

      Meenwhile i played almost all this time 3€ STTs.

      Recently i was forced to withdraw almost my entire BR, remaining only 144€.

      So i've decided to make a deposit on FTP to assault the 2.25 $ turbos.

      Starting BR=144€=195$.

      So far i must say that I like very much playing here, with this huge traffic, and this software so reliable and stable.Now I can play at any hour, how much I want to play, and this is a huge plus for me.

      So far I played sets of 9xtables, and 1 of 12 tables. I plan to play as soon as possible at least 12x.

      I also played 8xtables of 1$ 45-man normal speed.I bubbled out on 1 of them, but in the end I won 1 of them(17$- my biggest prize on FTP so far :f_biggrin: ).

      Here is the graph:

      STTs: 123
      BR: 231.66$
      Bonus cleared out: 0$
    • ppedrin
      Joined: 24.04.2010 Posts: 917
      Not so fine today...but at least my decisions was +EV.

      Anyway still it is kinda weird, all days i have a good start with the green line a bit over the red one, but after that in max 2 sessions the green one goes way under the red line.

      And here is my lifetime graph on Full Tilt Poker:

      To be honest i hate my graph, but I want to think positive, so I am sure that soon the things will get better, because i study so hard.

      Another important thing for me is that Sunday I will go to Romania(now I'm in Turin, Italy), but after that i plan to dedicate even more time to poker and I hope that the progress will not hesitate to come to my game and BR.

      Good luck guys!

      STTs: 324
      BR: 261.86$
      Bonus cleared: 19.58$
    • ppedrin
      Joined: 24.04.2010 Posts: 917
      Back in business

      OK. Finaly I'm back home in Romania, and grinding again.

      I had a nice day today, running over the EV line.

      Here is the graph:

      Objectives for march:

      :club: 60 games daily until my BR reaches 450$ to attemp to play on the 6.5s.
      :club: at least one hour for study daily
      :club: daily training with SnG Wizard
      :club: posting hands on forums, and analize hands posted by other users, but more important to discuss the hands.

      This is it for now.

      I wish to you too a good start for march!

      STTs: 401
      BR: 332.34$
      Bonus cleared: 39.16$
    • ppedrin
      Joined: 24.04.2010 Posts: 917
      Last 2 days I was preety unlucky, but I hope that this period will end soon:

      Next 2 days I will be away from poker, but i hope that on monday the luck will return to me.

      I hope that you're doing better than me. See you guys!

      STTs: 523
      BR: 301$
      Bonus: 39.16$
    • ppedrin
      Joined: 24.04.2010 Posts: 917
      Last days I had good results on ICM training with SNG Wizard.I usualy make 200 questions daily, and last 3 days I had over 90%.

      I am preety happy about that, and I hope to improve even more.

      I also improved my mindset preety much last days, because now I am more focused on studying and playing my best game.I like to think also that bad beats doesn't affect me anymore.

      Also to improve and maintain this aspect I will re-read some articles form Psychology section.

      Tomorrow is another day, I hope at least like today was or why not even better? :f_cool:

      STTs: 706
      BR: 371.91$
      Bonus: 58.74$