reason why i play poker for a prfession

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      in 1987 i had fulltime job just like everyone else i worked my share of long hours and long days i was loving life making money good money. so when the nhl went on strike my buddies tought me how to play poker for something to do on the nights that we ussally watch hockey on . got realy good starting winning every night my buddies were startign to get mad and not invite me anymore so i started to go to the casino and dbling my money everynite . in 2001 my health went down hill from good to bad i was sick for 2 years lost my job because of it had nothing to do so i played poker fulltime at my casino doing very good make good living on it . then my buddie told me online poker i asked whitch site is best he said fulltilt or pokerstars so i checked both sites out and found pokerstars was the better site more tournement then fulltilt so joined been playing there ever since . i play alot of live poker im good on cash tbles i ussaly play $5.00 $10.00 no limmit last week i made $ 960.00 off $250.00 every time i make money i put some in pokerstars 2009 210 no luck yet at all i know im good player just not on the internet but im not giving up playing any advice on how to paly online poker guys
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