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    • sismis
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      overall it was quite good. what limits you normally play? i didnt like raising on BB with 33 after 4 ppl limped - i just think its better to see cheap flop. you hit many sets in this session but you played them very agressive on flop(with that i mean very big continuation bets or check/raises). Since ppl usually dont have much in SH dont you think it is better to bet less strong so even non-fish player with worse hands can call you?

      i took your seat on table with that hyperagressive guy and took couple of coinflips. at first i was down 150$. but after that i doubled up with 89 on 823 flop - he went all in with AK. couple of hands later i hit set of 5 and he had AK on 7 high board so he gave me next 200$. after that he left the table...