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sb pushes vs bb "regs" nash

    • DonCorleone369
      Joined: 16.11.2009 Posts: 1,267

      just wanted to clear up this standard situation.. so below you can see an example:

      Poker Stars, $5 + $0.50 NL Hold'em Tournament, 75/150 Blinds, 6 Players - Hand History Converter

      Hero (SB): 1,530
      BB: 3,030
      UTG: 2,440
      MP: 2,171
      CO: 1,745
      BTN: 2,584

      Pre-Flop: (225) 7:spade: Q:club: dealt to Hero (SB)
      4 folds, Hero raises to 1,530 and is All-In, BB folds

      So assuming BB is a known "reg".. do you try to push like Nash? if yes, I guess you would answer sth like.. yeah as long as he doesn't call way looser than nash otherwise I'll have to adjust my ranges by tightening it up slightly..

      Again assuming we both try to play like nash nobody have an edge in the long term right.. So do u actually push slightly tighter into the "regs" so they would actually make a small mistake ?

      So to make it short and easy.. do u push slightly tighter (like folding your bottom ranges or sth) into regs or try to push nash?
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    • Jan217
      Joined: 02.01.2009 Posts: 626
      Pushing tighter than nash actually means you're the one making the (small) mistake because you pick up less blinds and give him walks. Pushing tighter might mean hes making a mistake calling you in some spots, but you dont benefit much from that mistake (usually it hurts both of you), all the other players at the table do.
    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      Jan217 gave a great answer, but I want to address a different point. Many regs don't know the Nash equilibrium calling ranges, and you may be able to predict how they differ. While some players learn to win first, and then step up the volume, many players seem to try to learn to play 12 tables at once before they learn to win, and that means many multitablers have large gaps in their understanding of the basics.

      Some regs are used to analyzing entire tournaments automatically with SNG Wizard. What happens if your opponent has analyzed many similar decisions this way? First, SNG Wizard doesn't bother analyzing many pushes of more than 10 bb, and pushing for 1530 at 75/150 is normal, but it is over 10 bb. So, your opponent might not have gotten any warning at all from folding good hands to pushes over 10 bb. Second, the default range SNG Wizard will give for a push here is 17%, much tighter than the Nash 53% (which doesn't quite include Q7o since you are pushing into a bigger stack). So, a player might routinely fold hands like A9o which are clear calls against the Nash range, but not against the absurd 17% default range in SNG Wizard, and SNG Wizard will declare the play correct, and the reg will not review this decision to notice that it might be wrong.

      Not all regs have these blind spots, but if some do, then unknown regs may call too tightly on average, and this should make you lean toward pushing wider than the Nash pushing range.