[DONE] Problems installing database

    • DoigteurFou
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      I had elephant working greatly with a working database, and had almost 3k hands on it. However because of a problem for Tableturboscan to use the database I chose to delete and recreate a new database, to see if the problem comes from there.

      So, I backed up my database, deleted it, and I can't recreate one! I checked if postgreSQL was running and yes. I get to the display asking for a name, password, database name, and whenever I try something I get this:

      "la connection vers le server de base de données n'a pas pu être créée !
      Plus d'informations:
      FATAL: 28000: password authentification failed for user "xxx" "

      Which could be translated that way:

      "connection to the database server couldn't be created!
      More informations:
      FATAL: 28000: password authentification failed for user "xxx" "

      I tried to uninstall and reinstall elephant, and it still doesn't work (and moreover, I had 8 days left before having to get the licence, and now it says that I have no more day left, but that's another problem which is without importance until I manage to create a DB)

      Any thoughs?
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    • eteris
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      is it not clear from error message that you entered wrong username/password?
    • crodady
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      i have same problem..i try 2 hours to fix that...re install all SQL and elephant ten times and shit* happen again..i just give up...i lost to many nervers :f_mad: ..im sick of elephant that piece of shi* and fu..SQL..life is just relaxing without it...

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    • DoigteurFou
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      Okay, after 4 hours fighting with my computer, complete uninstall of both elephant and postgreSQL, update to the latest version of each, fight in the windows 7 ugly to completely uninstall what was left from older postgresql installation. Elephant works again, and tablescanturbo as well!!!

      I just don't know what changed when I did it for the tenth time, but as an old philosopher used to say: Don't ask any questions!
    • mrk1988
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      Hmm, please open a new thread if you experience any more problems using the elephant.