auto-fold of pocket cards ?

    • Tiffy2
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      An absolute beginners question (yes, all sharks come and get me) :f_confused: .

      I have noticed that the pocket cards are sometimes dealt and folded away in a couple of seconds (except the blinds).

      It looks as if the full tilt computer is programmed to fold automatically.

      I think I could make a list of pocket cards that I would normally not play.

      So, is there an auto-fold box to tick somewhere ?
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    • Strodyn
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      If you mean other people at the table, they likely have signed up for the tourney previously, but are not logged in during the competition. The server will auto fold for them.

      You can also 'Sit Out' of a game if you are online, and the server will auto fold for you when it is your turn to bet. If you are UTG, and sitting out, you will pretty much fold immediately.
    • Tiffy2
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      Thank you !

      Probably everybody is/are on their toes and ready to fold.

      (I will look up UTG in a poker dictionary.)

      No worries
      Tiffy :f_confused
    • thazar
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      UTG = under the gun = earrly position ( read basic strategy articles)