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Help with 2 holdem manager stats please

    • flopraiser
      Joined: 30.01.2009 Posts: 202
      I have 2 stats I don't understand and think they could possibly be leaks:

      River call efficiency: 1.93

      Preflop positional awareness: 2.38

      Could somebody please tell me what these values mean and what would be regarded as a decent value to aim at.

      Thanks in advance.
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    • darkod80
      Joined: 13.11.2008 Posts: 161

      Preflop Positional Awareness is ratio of the hands you played in position to hands you played out of position. According to leak buster it should be between 2.5 and 3.5. It basically shows if you are playing too many hands out of position.

      River Call Efficiency tells how effective your calls on river are as its name says. If it is too high it means you are often being bluffed at river and if vice versa it means you are 'non believer' and call too often when having weaker hand. It should be somewhere between 1.62 and 2.3.

      As I can see it your stats are in proper range. It would help you a lot if you had Leak Buster option at holdem manager where it is explained in much better way and with more details. Hope I helped and good luck at the tables.
    • flopraiser
      Joined: 30.01.2009 Posts: 202
      Very helpful thanks.

      Will purchase leakbuster when I recover from my latest downswing, it would appear i'm now starting to turn the corner. Partly thanks to a russian on monkey tilt, he donated 5 stacks to me in about 50 hands last night!

      Tried the trial which identified 4 leaks in my game, trial version was quite restricted but I could see it being beneficial in the long run if I purchased the full version.

      Anybody with any thoughts on Leakbuster or previous experience of it and whether they found it helped their game would be welcome.