Problem with handhistory

    • DoigteurFou
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      I just ended a NL4 / NL10 session, and during that session I started from roughly 130$ to get to 150$ (yep, quite a good one). So simple mathematics should help us to guess that I won 20$, right?
      Elephant says I won only 8$ on that session. I checked the filters, and tried to reimport the hands I played today, however the number doesn't change.

      It says that I won 9$ in NL10 (150hands), which I suppose is correct, and that I lost 0.50$ on around 800 hands NL4, which is totally wrong! What stuns me is that the number of hands played in each limit looks correct to me, so I don't understand where the problem could come from...

      If you have any idea? Because as I use elephant stats on me to try to find leaks in my game (and there are), I need the winning hands to be there too, otherwise I run the risk of finding some where there are not.
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