brm restrictions with ps50

    • Cardbender
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      Thanks for the 2nd 50$ but...

      I can't play 2$ Sngs+, 2$ mtts+ or 1$ HU sngs? Lets get serious here. I'll get to play 1-2 mtts a night the way ipoker has mtts.

      These restrictions are anti mtt player imo.

      Also how long will this restriction be in affect? Say i want to deposit 100$, can play what i want?

      I'm not poor. I can deposit at any of my regular sites which are not linked to pokerstrategy.

      I just figured i would check out WH because of the promo but if i can't even play 1$ HU sngs is it worth my time?

      let me know how the restrictions work,

      Thanks again for the free 50 offer.

      Cardbender :)
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    • wayoo
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      Deposit $100 or more, then contact online support (top right corner in cashier window) and your bankroll protection will be lifted.
      I didn't deposit $100 (less than that) so I was playing $1.20 Sit & Go, and after a month of being active my bankroll protection was taken off (I've contacted the online support to do that). But at the time my total paid rake was around $46 so after another few days my account (and my free $50 from PS) was free from any protections.
    • antonss1
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      I have problem with BRM is it possible that I get BR protection without free 50$ offer, just deposit it my self and ask for protection? Not a problem for my because I play cash, but mtts only in weekends, so it is ok for my 1-2 mtts in night.
    • justkyle88
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      Hey Cardbender,

      Like wayo said, you have to deposit $100 or something.
      If you don't deposit you have to rake $50 for the restrictions to be lifted.

      @ antonss1, Is this on William Hill. Some sites have restrictions you can set.
      Contact the sites support your playing on and ask if this is possible.