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Irish Blog HU SnG, Poker, gym etc

    • Psderrr
      Joined: 05.04.2010 Posts: 111
      Personal info -->
      Irish gym nut, big time gamer computer, board, card, sport and dares pretty much anything. In college studying Psychology and Sociology and read a lot of philosophy in my spare time. Use to train MMA until braces got in the way so big interest in that too. Feel I have an edge on people so why not get into poker?

      Who am I kidding pretty shit start, I had played poker online before twice first time blew my starting cash just being really impatient and gambling. Second time I was less impatient and got from 50$ to 100$ playing SH NL2+5 but withdrew when I couldn't play poker that often.

      So I start up again and I decide to start with SSS on FR NL5 and things go rough.


      Now 750 is a small sample but I can see from the get go I have problems with not wanting to let hands go and this costs me a bit, so I decide to play less stubbornly.
      The few top tier hands I come into AA KK etc seem to serve to just pick me up the blinds, or I run KK into AA or QQ into KK etc.
      It was quite easy to steal but not very profitable since I normally blew it which resulted in me having 22/20 Vpip/PFR.

      Despite the small sample I feel I'd be more profitable with SH which I'm use to and a bigger stack so my next post may well be a switch to that.
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    • Psderrr
      Joined: 05.04.2010 Posts: 111
      Going to divide the blog posts into poker related and not poker related.
      Will contain at the beggining my poker stuff and after that Gym and various other things.

      Was the story of today.
      Well today was mostly poker, deciding to switch to BSS on NL5 I needed a larger roll so sat back and grinded 10-12 tables NL2 which was going really well till I got sucked out 6 times or so in a short peroid of time, still cleared some bonuses and came out on top 2bb/100hands by the end when I was averaging 20, shit happens.
      I was basically auto piloting as a NIT 12/10 vpip/pfr .

      Time away from tables was mostly spent watching poker vids or just to keep me in the mood some Poker after Dark for entertainment while eating.
      Seems like reading and videos are a little unneccesairy atm since I just need to get the grind over with but they keep me sane.
      Also got to get enough points to get full Elephant gotta rock on.

      Apart from poker I watched Steven Siegal Lawman probably one of the most unintentionally funny tv series ever to be put on tv.
      It shows Steven Siegal now very old and unable to run more than a few paces at a time. He is a deputy sheriff and goes around arresting black and brown people for various reasons all of which seem to want his autograph for their grandma and this is a legitimate reality TV show not an acting job.
      In every episode it shows off something Steven does like playing a concert for charity, training attack dogs, teaching officers Aikido, building houses for hurricane Cathrina victims, visitng rehab centres or hospitals for terminally ill children with presents or teaching officers how to shoot. He seems to do everything, he works night shifts and then does that crap by day and if that wasn't enough to build his 6million dollar man persona there is this brilliant feature.
      Say they spot someone acting suspicously and they throw something away like drugs or a gun, it will zoom into Siegals face and he will squint his eyes in a really dramatic stare the screen will then turn blue and hone in CSI style on the object in a close up, I laugh everytime all this is padded with various speeches about Aikido and his half assed knowledge of Eastern Philosophy he seems to throw around.
      For anyone who knows about philosophy he also at one point blindly quotes Nietzsche I couldn't believe it.

      But lawman definately gets the thumbs up.

      On the gym side of things I took a day off to rest and eat like mad, tomorrow I have back and core training, going to bring my reps up slightly and work on speed. My dead seems to lag off the ground and chins and rows could do with a bit of a lighter load.
      Core side it will be upper and obliques, back gives grip too much of a hammering to focus on lower abs and things like leg raises.

      As for reading Heidegger is a bit heavy for Christmas and certainly while concentrating on poker that's just gonna have to be put off, maybe start reading stuff when my Christmas stuff arrives.
    • jokerstar77mucker
      Joined: 03.06.2010 Posts: 75
      Cool another irish blog hopefully you plan on updating more then pogodon, im on broad for this one!

      I think im gonna have to start a blog in the new year to much partying this time of year to keep it updated and poker related.
    • DeMarcohsp
      Joined: 15.06.2010 Posts: 1,975
      Poker and gym, yeah I do those things 2 :f_cool:

      Gl mate !
    • Psderrr
      Joined: 05.04.2010 Posts: 111
      Thanks man, you gym too?
      You out for aesthetics or performance what do you do?

      So far I'v studied today, hitting silver I watched NL25 SH Live Video and NL $25 SH User Session Review by TribunCaesar. Really liked them it's a bit disheartening that I feel dull mindless NIT play is the best way to grind my roll atm but once I go up limits it will be a different story completly.
      Going to have to distance that bad autoplay from my real game so it doesn't seep in when I take my shot.

      Oh something poker people might find very interesting a book called "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell it's all about the power of thinking before thinking it's not a poker book but it shows in some very entertaining case studies that our first idea the one we come to rapidly has a lot more to it than we think. In the trained it is not simply a hunch or a feeling it can come from a very advanced rapid reasoning an lead you to an expert judgement. I'v got to think a lot of poker players have this, good read really easy and very entertaining.

      My books arrived including two by Paul Ekman (Lie to me guy is based on him) about emotions and micro facial expressions no use to me online and I got for other reasons but could easily be turned towards live poker.
      On reading for fun I'm debating between Foucault, Derrida, Wittgenstein and Einstein which is no easy choice leaning towards Derrida since he's easier to read and I want something light over the holidays.

      Gym went great I was really whipping the bar off the ground on my deads, chins were a little lack luster since I'v always done them extremly slow with strict form but it will come.
      Core training was obliques and upper abs working real low 4-6reps.
      Shoulders, Traps and Grip tomorrow favourite day.

      I'll probably update tonight if I have the time to do more griding sessions I'm pretty convinced I can beat NL5 SH just have to do the grinding, rakeback should help when it comes in big time.

    • Psderrr
      Joined: 05.04.2010 Posts: 111
      Took my shot at NL5 and lost 1.5 buyins going to have to grind it again.

      Hands that rocked me.

      Known players:

      0.02/0.05 No-Limit Hold'em (4 handed)
      Hand recorder used for this poker hand: Elephant 0.90 by

      Preflop: Hero is BU with K:heart: , J:club:
      CO raises to $0.15, Hero calls $0.15, 2 folds.

      Flop: ($0.37) K:club: , 9:club: , 6:diamond: (2 players)
      CO bets $0.2, Hero raises to $0.97, CO calls $0.77.

      Turn: ($2.31) 6:heart: (2 players)
      CO checks, Hero bets $1.9, CO raises to $2.65 (All-In), Hero calls $0.75.

      River: ($7.61) T:heart: (2 players)

      Final Pot: $7.61

      Results follow (highlight to see):
      CO shows two-pair, kings and tens (Kd Td)
      Hero shows (Kh Jc)

      CO wins with two-pair, kings and tens (Kd Td)

      This hand it's arguable if I was playing it right anyway but my read on the player was that he was fishy, still maybe shouldn't put myself in those situations...hmmmm.

      Known players:

      0.02/0.05 No-Limit Hold'em (5 handed)
      Hand recorder used for this poker hand: Elephant 0.90 by

      Preflop: Hero is SB with 3:heart: , 2:heart:
      3 folds, Hero raises to $0.20, BB calls $0.15.

      Flop: ($0.40) K:club: , 7:heart: , 4:club: (2 players)
      Hero checks, BB bets $0.25, Hero raises to $0.55, BB calls $0.30.

      Turn: ($1.50) 5:club: (2 players)
      Hero bets $0.85, BB calls $0.85.

      River: ($3.20) A:club: (2 players)
      Hero bets $2.05, BB calls $2.05.

      Final Pot: $7.30

      Results follow (highlight to see):
      Hero shows (3h 2h)
      BB shows a flush, ace high (Ks Jc)

      BB wins with a flush, ace high (Ks Jc)

      I'm really dissapointed with this hand I just played it all wrong I think, over eagerness to get in a pot with someone who was stabbing like crazy and just making wild bets.

      Known players:

      0.02/0.05 No-Limit Hold'em (4 handed)
      Hand recorder used for this poker hand: Elephant 0.90 by

      Preflop: Hero is CO with 8:diamond: , 7:club:
      Hero raises to $0.15, BU calls $0.15, 2 folds.

      Flop: ($0.37) 9:spade: , 8:heart: , 8:spade: (2 players)
      Hero bets $0.2, BU raises to $0.50, Hero raises to $1.05, BU calls $0.55.

      Turn: ($2.47) 5:club: (2 players)
      Hero bets $2.47, BU raises to $4.94, Hero calls $1.68 (All-In), BU gets uncalled bet back.

      River: ($10.77) J:heart: (2 players)

      Final Pot: $10.77

      Results follow (highlight to see):
      Hero shows (8d 7c)
      BU shows a straight, queen high (Qs Ts)

      BU wins with a straight, queen high (Qs Ts)

      This was the hand that annoyed me to be honest, oh well still confident I can beat the game it was only over 400 hands and made a few mistakes which I can tighten on next time and hopefully then run a bit better.
    • Psderrr
      Joined: 05.04.2010 Posts: 111
      Gym again leads me to the right answer!
      When argueing with ZeMammuth I decided to take a look at his blog, really good stuff btw and then decided It would be a lot more productive from a learning point of view to do HU sit n go's instead of just grinding.

      So I start off with some 1 dollar turbos, end up winning four and losing four but I definately felt I had an edge over my opponent I got all my money in on the right situations although I don't think elephant is working for sit n go's am I wrong?
      Cleared 2 more of my bonus and it was far more fun, got sucked out once but there is meant to be serious variance in HU so I have to get use to that!
    • Psderrr
      Joined: 05.04.2010 Posts: 111
      Played 7 more and I got sucked out a ton.
      Won 3 Lost 4.

      AA loses to JJ
      I put it all in with 9's against his 8's and he hits an 8 on the river.
      Other loses one was due to a bad call and the other I'm not quite sure.

      I'm way better than the opponents I see here though I mean two of those loses I was 80-90% favourite.