How Tough Are The $22 Turbo SNGs Compared to $11? (On Full Tilt)

    • MikeAK47
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      Just moved from regular games to turbos, been playing the $11, ROI after 200 is 13% so I can assume my ROI at this level is at least 5%.

      How tough is the level above this? ($22), there are many regulars at the $11 level, is this the same in $22? Many of them are break even or 1% ROI players, similar in $22?

      Looking for someone that's had experience at this level please :D

      My BR is more than 60 buy ins for the $22 level so I think I should be playing these, I was playing the $20 regulars but I had a horrendous down swing (not due to bad play, all in EV was -$400) so I switched games for a change.

      Should I be playing the $22 now? Or would you recommend staying at the $11 level for another few hundred games and see how it goes?

      Oh and I'm talking about the games on Full Tilt only, I don't play on Stars, Tilt has WAY better rakeback for a player like me (50%+).
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