SnGMTTs study group

    • DaveKlimic
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      I play mttsng for 90 and 180 people for 5-10usd. Ive played 300+ tournaments and Im definetly winning player.

      Im looking for one guy, who would be interested in cooperation.

      My idea how it could work:

      1) Each of us replay some tournament in some software (f.e. Holdem Manager) by using some recording software (f.e. BB Flashback).
      2) Than we exchange these videos and add a commentary to it (in text form).
      3) Than we exchange the commentaries.
      3) Than we can discuss more in depth some particular situations.

      My requirments:
      1) playing non-turbo tournaments for 45-300 people for 4+ usd
      2) be a winning player !!! (not breakeven)
      3) have played 200+ tournaments
      4) possess Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker

      So, if anybody is interested or have any questions, feel free to send me a message.

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