[NL2-NL10] nl10 sh Aq vs 2 opponents

    • aanty2000
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      Titan No-Limit Hold'em, $0.05/$0.10BB (Titan HH Converter by Kreatief)

      MP3 ($11.15) (Hero)
      CO ($26.41)
      Button ($9.85)
      SB ($10.00)
      BB ($9.85)
      MP2 ($17.20)

      Preflop: Hero is MP3 with K:heart: , A:diamond:
      MP2 raises to $0.50, Hero raises to $1.50, 4 folds, MP2 calls $1.00,

      Flop: Q:spade: , 5:heart: , A:heart: ( $3.15 )
      MP2 bets $1.40, Hero raises to $4.00, MP2 raises to $13.10, Hero raises All-In $9.65,

      Turn: J:diamond: ( $27.3 )

      River: 6:diamond: ( $27.3 )

      Final Pot: $26.30
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    • Thorsten77
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      I'm not happy about calling the shove. Typically, I'm going broke with TPTK in RR pots. But lets look at his range: after the preflop action, he may hold a pocket pair, AQ or AK. If he's a tight, solid player, I don't see him shoving with a hand like TT or JJ. He either hit his set or he had AQ/AK, so you are a big dog to this range. If, however, he is very aggressive and may also push weaker hands, you have to call. Against an unknown, I think I'd call the shove as many players at this limit are not that good and I'm getting pretty good pot odds.
    • aanty2000
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      my thinking was something like that : if he was big he didnt want to isolate the small stack player and get me out of the pot ... so i wasnt very woried about him ... but i didnt call because of the shortstack who i thought floped a set . at the showdown the big stack had a weaker ace then mine and the other player had a even more weak ace ... so i mistaked about him