• Groski
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      Hello. I've been with pokerstrategy quite a while now but have a problem with strategy points.. I don't know why but im not receiving any for playing at pokerstars. It was a long time ago so can't say for sure if i did everything right.
      My staring capitol was asigned to party poker, i still play there occasionally but really dont enjoy it there.. I have a $500+ BR on pokerstars and its by far my favourite site to play on.
      I could probably reach Gold status with the ammount i play there but instead I'm only bronze since i only play a a couple of hours a week on partypoker.

      Is there anything that can be done about this. I'm even prepared to go to drastic measures and start from scratch with a brand new pokerstrategy account if that is possible? (without the starting capitol ofc)
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    • Kimber88
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      Did you sign up with Pokerstars through the Pokerstrategy guide (with their referral link)?

      If not there's nothing you can do. We are many who frequently write to Pokerstars about being retracked. They won't allow it.
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Groski,

      I'm afraid it isn't possible to retrack any existing accounts you held prior to joining PokerStrategy.

      You will only earn PokerStrategy points on accounts where you originally signed up through PokerStrategy and used the PokerStrategy marketing code to do so (tracked accounts).

      PokerStars and other platforms do not allow the setting up of additional, duplicate or replacement accounts. There can be severe penalties (lifetime bans, confiscation of funds etc) for those that attempt to do this, so we would strongly recommend that you stick with your existing account.

      If you are looking to earn more PokerStrategy points, we have lots of partner sites where you perhaps haven't played or held an account before. You are not restricted soley to the platform you originally received your free starting capital on.

      We are all in the position of having the odd untracked account, myself included, but there is nothing we can do about that I'm afraid.

      Best regards,