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[NL2-NL10] My AKs isolation raise gets minreraised by MP1 open limper

    • rupucis2
      Joined: 27.10.2008 Posts: 306
      Hi there! Lately I have been running pretty bad at poker, so I decided to slow things down and work on my game. Have read some articles on psychology & didactics and decided finally to post. So here it is, my first ever posted hand at hand evaluation forum!!

      Hand converted with online hand converter:

      Play hand

      $0.02/$0.05 No-Limit Hold'em (8 handed)

      Known players:
      CO (Hero):

      MP1 vpip24 pfr13 af35

      Preflop: Hero is CO with A, K.
      UTG2 folds, MP1 calls $0.05, MP2 calls $0.05, MP3 folds, Hero raises to $0.27, 3 folds, MP1 raises to $0.55, MP2 folds, Hero calls $0.28.

      So I get my AKs on CO and decided to make standard isolation raise on two limpers, but the o/limper minreraises, putting me in difficult situation. First I thought he might have strong holding, what else he could play like this than just AA? QQ+? Either way who knows, because it is a bad play in my opinion! So since he just mrr me and I was in position as well, I decided to call and reevaluate my hand on flop. Is this the best play? (I don`t think that fold here is an option in this situation. Or is it?

      Flop: ($1.22) 5, 9, 9 (2 players)
      MP1 bets $1.05, Hero folds, MP1 gets uncalled bet back.

      Final Pot: $1.22.

      Flop didn`t improve my hand at all, no pairs no draws nothing. So two options:
      1. if he checks to me I bet! (Is this the best play? Or is checking here an option? I think, that if he would raise i would fold, if he just called, then I would play this hand passive).
      2.If he bets (and he bets big) i fold my hand.

      One more question about posting. How can I put player stats in those brackets, where player stacks are shown? I saw there stats in hand posting tutorial video.

      Thanks! :f_confused:
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    • Oly0909
      Joined: 08.06.2008 Posts: 856
      Congrats on posting your 1st hand. I hope it will be helpfull for U. I see U joined PS at about same time when I did and you're playing just one limit behind me so I guess you played recreational and now U want to start seriously. At least that's my case :P

      About the hand. First I would raise to $0,30. It's not much of a difference in 1 hand, but think about how many times someone will call you and fold on flop, sometimes even 2 players, so why wouldn't you get that extra BB. Just because it's easyer to press Pot button?
      Second. I don't call with AK. If you think he is on AA or KK what exatly do you want to hit on flop? You can raise to ~$1,30 and if he shoves then, you can call him, and if you're pretty shore he's doing this only with AA and KK (maybe QQ) then just fold, you're way behind his range.
      I think the best play against unknown would be to 4bet/shove and take a note if he can limp/min3bet/fold or what hand he's limp/min3bet/shoving with, but that's just my opinion and can be completely wrong.

      Good luck at the tables...
    • rupucis2
      Joined: 27.10.2008 Posts: 306
      Thanks Oly0909!

      Yep! First I started playing poker more seriously and learning something about the game with sss, then switched to mtt and after that to stt sng`s where I didn`t advance far so far, took some brake and started fresh, now for approximately last 3 months I`m playing bss. This will be my main poker disciple on what I will concentrate further on. Of course I will play some mtt`s along and sng`s as well (mostly steps and mtt sng`s)!

      Actually yes, I didn`t even thought about these pot sized raises and this will be my first leak I will work on! Thanks! :)

      Hmm, I guess that minreraise got me confused (because I think it indicated strong hand), if he would have reraised to normal size, i guess I would have folded to him with that kind of stats and no reads. What I was hopping to hit was a draw, and to see the flop after his minreraise was cheap! As well, I had position on him, no matter then if my hand would have improved, I would bet if he checked to me and fold to a raise or play passive further if he called.

      4betting with AK against him (unknown) I think is a thin line, but it`s an option!?! Actually I really don`t know whats the right play here??
    • veriz
      Joined: 20.07.2008 Posts: 65,504
      Hello rupucis2,

      First of all, one thing what has helped me to get better in poker is posting hands, it's even more profitable than playing, since you will find your leaks with you lose money and can just fix them but if you continue playing and not posting then you will never find the leaks if you don't overlook the hands, just will keep playing the same style. Therefore it's very important to overview and posts hands, even if you think that they are basic for you, sometimes others might find it wrongly played.

      Preflop: Yeah, it's kinda awkward situation and we often face KK or AA here in this situation, unless we have some others reads, therefore I'd also just Call it and reevaluate postflop.
      Flop: 1) As you asked if he Checks into us then I might even just Check behind 1st time and try to get a free card and to showdown, we get a lot of info from his hand with what he does the limp/minraise preflop and next time we will know how to act. 2) Pretty standard fold, we can't do much. :)

      One more question about posting. How can I put player stats in those brackets, where player stacks are shown? I saw there stats in hand posting tutorial video.

      Actually I'd rather recommend you to put the stats just below the hand, like you did with this question. Those stats what you see from other players are important from PokerStrategy Elephant and that's important automatically.

      Best regards.