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    • maisilk
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      First, i wish to say hello to all PokerStrategy members, and then thank PS for the nice starting bankroll!

      I'm from Vietnam where poker is not very popular. However, I have played it for alsmost 5 years. The site which saw my first steps into the world of poker is Party. At that time, they're new and i was offered $25 free bankroll. Ofcourse, with poor skills and knowledge of poker, i lost that fee chips rather fast. Well, that's normal for a beginner but the thing is that i became addicted to the game day by day. Then i tried searching the Google for poker articles...

      When i felt confident enough, i decided to put in my own money, and the biggest deposit i remembered is $1000. I was playing up and down... and now it's been 5 years!

      My first day with PokerStrategy...

      I got $50 on Mansion from PS yesterday, and today i started working on it. The thing i like about PS is the point system and articles, so my target here is to earn points as much as i can and upgrade my play to a higher level :D

      Currently i am playing on NL25. I think i've gained enough points sothat i'll become silver as soon as the points are updated!

      Current bankroll: $132

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    • Puschkin81
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      Hi maisilk!

      Nice read! But I hope that you stick to the rules of the bankroll management and keep moving up.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • Zeffke
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      Hi maisik,

      Welcome to Hope u will enjoy your stay but please stick to BRM as it's very important because you can go broke very easily with only 5 buy-ins.

      Good luck!

      EDIT: Puschkin was faster again :) But note that we both said the same so BRM really IS important :D