WOW. i'm at the end of a ridiculous downswing. I sign up for MTT, 3$ rebuy 500$ guaranteed because it seemed like there'd be a big overlay in it.

SO about the tournament, i've been sucked out twice now AA all in preflop to donkeys (3-way pots both times) but that's ok. good play and a decent run of flops etc have put me back... and now i'm chip leader.

SO about 2 hours into the tournament, there are 20 remaining out of 98 players. prize pool is 1000$ with top 10 paid. i'm chip leader with 2x 2nd's stack after playing decent smallball play.

TITANPOKER decides to go down for scheduled maintenance. and because this is an ipoker network tournament, they are able to do this WHILE I AM PLAYING.

NOW 3rd with an above average stack, but i'm still waiting on titan to come back up... seriously, this is so ridiculous. the last time i'm ever playing at titanpoker... ever... ever (and i would HIGHLY suggest you do the same)

emailed their support straight away. right now i'm trying to download the other (total piece of shit) cardrooms in the iPoker network, trying to find one that'll let me log into titan from there to come back in this tournament. but of course the download speed for the clients are about 6kB/s. VCPoker doesn't work, trying the others now.

i'm really really really angry about this...

TITANPOKER IS BACK ! i'm 6th with 10BB... time to post a good result and change platform yet again.

came out 8th for $36.12. forced to make a shove with 8BB with 88, "ran into" ATs who call/called from early position with a 20BB stack (nice play lol?). this is compared to my chip$EV according to ICM at the time of my disconnect of $100 (1/9 of the 900$ prize pool). i'm asking support for this money. it is 140% their fault, -40% my fault, and paying me such a small amount seems a lot more than reasonable (after all, this is my chip$ev, without considering the ridiculous edge i have over these donkeys in deepish stack play)