Partypoker RELOAD bonuses: Deceptive and False Advertising

    • InspectorClueso
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      Hi all

      I just want to let everyone here know that Partypoker cons its customers. They keep offering RELOAD bonuses and only later I found out that there is no way anyone can claim a RELOAD bonus until the initial T150 bonus is out of the way - either you've reached 800 Partypoints and received your $100, or the time limit (3months) for this T150 bonus has expired.

      Until then all Partypoints count towards this T150 bonus ONLY, and any other bonus offers involving Partypoints will just expire without you collecting any points towards them. They don't tell you this of course until you try to claim another smaller bonus with smaller Partypoints involved. I think it's a complete con and false advertising to offer the RELOAD bonuses to people when it's clear there is no way they can claim them!!!

      I hate being misled like this, and I thought you guys should be aware of this when you want to put your money into Partypoker. You can't get any 20% bonus or anything like that until your T150 bonus is out of the way.

      Use another Poker Room (although they're probably all con artists).
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