From $50 to $100. Breaking out of $100

    • cheekopeh
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      Hi guys, so yes I have finally managed to move from $50 to $100 for my bankroll. I have only been playing Sup Turbo SNGs on FT which variance obviously makes me go mad once in awhile.

      However, I'm stuck at the $100 mark for like 3-4 days now! Unable to move up from there with the Sup Turbo. May be a subconscious thing trying very hard not to let my bankroll go below 100 again.

      Any ideas? Or maybe I should change my game to NL or even FL SSS? I realize I've only been finishing 2nd a lot, is it the variance of Sup Turbo or am I just not really that good heads up? Lol.

      Need some ideas!
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