Does your Equilator SW work fine?

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      I am trying work out an equity calculation with Equilator where I got a determinate equity needed in an hand.

      I try to explain better as it sound bad to me :D

      Hero: T :heart: J :heart: on the BU
      Villian (VPIP X%)

      the flop come with 2 :heart: 7 :diamond: 9 :heart:
      villian bet $6 in a pot of $10

      Do I make the call?

      So, what I do is:

      $6: ($10+$6+$6)= 6:22= 27

      now I know that I need an equity of 27% al least for make the call and I am going to use Equilator.

      So, give villian a certain range, write the 27 in the minimum equity box and start but the result is: 100%.
      Equilator give me a range of hands that include every single hands from 23o to AA.

      So, I try with different equity, ranges, etc. but doesn't matter what I give in the result is always the some, hand range 23+ ....

      Note: I have also give the flop.

      I think there is something wrong, somebody know anything about? Does your Equilator SW work fine or does the some?

      Thx :heart:
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