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How to improve my game (wtf is wrong?!)

    • lolmaoh
      Joined: 01.09.2010 Posts: 1
      Hey, started playing "seriously" few days back (seriously means that i finally started using hem, icm trainer etc).

      Until now i played like 130 1.20$ sngs on FTP.Starting capital was pokerstrategy`s 50$ and i play on 4 or 6 tables.Nowadays im on 42$ and i dont know whats wrong, and how to improve my fails :( .My game is by levels:

      From start to 40/80 blind levels

      -Playing extra tight (AJs,AQs,AKs,AQo,AKoJJ+ and from late positions i adding AJo)
      -with this card raising 3-5 bb preflop
      -value bet if i hit flop, if not, 1/2 pot continual bet and if opponent call i check/fold

      From 40/80

      -same + start blind stealing(only if nobody openned), from button with like almost any two(deepends on opponent) until oponnent starts resteal and from cut off with like 23% range
      -resteal only with premium hands, if in front of me isnt some hard aggresive, then my range is like 14%+pairs)

      If im under 13bb
      -start push fold by icm trainer
      -in icm trainer im around over 90%
      -i dont pushing controversial hands because i have alot of fear from caliing donks ((:
      -calling pushs wery tight(JJ+)if there isnt agresive fish, then i could call with A7o+

      My question is:
      1)Where is the problem
      2)Where in hem i could find what is wrong?
      3)In hem i found item $EV WON and there is only 9 tourneys with -values (from like 130 tourneys), am i that unlucky?:D i dont think so

      There is my loosing graph :D

      Thanks for help, cheers lolmaoh
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    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      Your strategy is not optimal, but nothing looks disastrous. As you get more used to SNGs, you should recognize more features of situations which let you determine when it is profitable to get involved. For example, you are less risk-averse when you cover your opponents, and there are times when you can call much, much wider than you do now.

      It looks like you are not positionally aware. By contrast, in the first level I might fold AQo UTG 9-handed, but raise not just AJo but A5o on the button. If you aren't comfortable playing postflop, maybe A5o would not be profitable for you, but then you shouldn't be playing AQo UTG, either. When you raise in front of 8 players, it is not so unlikely that someone will find a premium hand after you, and even someone with a hand like 99 or JTs can give you a lot of problems.

      The main issue is that you have only played 130 tournaments, and it's not uncommon for a winning player to be down 7 buy-ins after 130 tournaments. If you are a solid winning player with a 10% ROI (and you should not assume that when you start), you will still see break-even stretches of 1000 tournaments, and you will see downswings of 25 buy-ins somewhat frequently. So, it could be that your expectations are too high, and that you want to see results sooner than they occur much of the time. After 1000 tournaments, you get results within 10% of your true ROI about 95% of the time. After only 130 tournaments, your 95% confidence interval is wider, +- 27%.
    • fl4m3r
      Joined: 26.11.2009 Posts: 56
      you replied me in another post
    • evertonroar
      Joined: 26.06.2009 Posts: 737
      you only started playing seriously a few days ago. and your roi is only -5% which is not a distaster. i know plently of poeple with roi much worse than that after much more time.

      As for how to get better, practice, post your hands in the hand evaluation, watch the vidoes and read books.