[Application] 2+25$ Sit&Go 9man

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      Hello , my name is Edgar and i started playing poker few years ago like probably most of you playing live private games.I won some i lost some i was mostly i was ahead in last sessions but we stopped to play few months ago or we're playing very rarely so i started to play online poker and i get my starting capital from pokerstrategy this was like 8-10 months ago maybe a year in fulltilt i started pretty well winning most of my games my bankroll was good but then i tought "hey let's go 50NL and try to win some easy money faster" and sure i won first and the second guy i had 6 BI but i started to underestimate them and so i lost my bankroll very easily

      My plans are to start in few days and play more serious because i have enough free time and will to win some money.

      I would start with 100 BI= 225$ with which i'll make 500 games.
      I'm sorry for the short sample but thats all i used to play in paradisepoker(sportingbet) thats the reason why i don't have good sample
      Im also working with establish coach atm

      Feedback - EdgarYY
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