HEM Plugging Leaks

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      Was looking through my HEM looking for leaks and replaying through some hands; found on leak buster I was losing -30BB/100 from the big blind over 40k hands.. seriously would love to plug this or work on it. Only position im not running good from :baby:

      It must be a portion of 3bet/stacking in blind battles; probably got about 500 bbs worth of AK/AQ vs underpair flips from aggro BvB multitabling. There must be something else aswell; perhaps flatting with suited connector type hands in multiway pots (ie 3/4way) and giving up without much of a fight? I work on always keeping my nonSD winnings (REDLINE!!) at a nice steady positive figure mainly through squeezing and resteals but I have to add another level to my game rather then flatting from the BB and giving up X amount of time. Think my aggression seems way too low aswell.

      Probably is to do with blind vs blind, and perhaps folding my big blind too often? Folding 78% of my big blinds to steal; perhaps a bit high figure? Anyone had this problem before and found what the major leaks are in the BB so I can work towards atleast breaking even on it?!

      Any help is greatly appreciated.

      Forgot to include the numbers. Ridiculous.
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