[NL2-NL10] kk vs 53

    • masterroj
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      This is what happened on 0.01-0.02 nl table (10 players). I look down at KK In early position and bet 4*BB. I get one caller in mid position. Flop comes 777 in which I bet 3/4 pot (could possibly have bet 1/2 considering the good flop). Turn is an A and he goes all in very quickly for about 2.5*pot. I finally call and he shows 53. My reasoning behind the call was that a "bad player" which most of the players on these low limits are would not make a play like that if he had a made hand (either a 7 or an A) and because of this I could only put him on a draw or complete bluff. Is this the winning play in the long run? If he would have bet 1/2 or 3/4 pot on turn and gone all in on river I would MOST likely have folded on either turn or river depending on the size of the bets
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    • Kaitz20
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      Overbet shoves are very often bluffs, but here I think you can call, since I agree that his line looks like bluff.
      Answer to your question: you can't relaly always call second pair all-in shoves and expect to be ahead enough to make that +ev, but here I think it is fine. You have very strong hand and likely players doesn't have much since he would played his Ax hand different