[NL2-NL10] Bet more for value?

    • masterroj
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      another hand on .01-.02. One guy in early position calls BB and I raise in middle position with JJ (4*BB plus 1BB for the caller). Same guy calls so two players to the flop.
      Flop is 10 5 7 off. I 3/4 bet on flop and he calls.
      Turn is 6 and I bet little bit more than half pot and he calls again.
      River is another 6 (no flushes out there). Once again i bet a little bit more than half pot and once again I get a call and he shows A7.

      My questions: Is my bet on turn and river to small? Should I have bet 3/4 instead for value?
      Also what cards on river do I check the hand down with? There was a 2 clubs after turn but a flush card should not slow me down right?

      Finally if he raises me on river, how should I have played it?
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    • Kaitz20
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      I think you can valuebet more on the turn around 3/4 pot, since you ahve the best hand and if you´re not more than 100bb deep you can then shove river, since he should have at that spot less than potsize left.
      If you bet around half pot then I think you get too good odds and have to call his river shove