medium PP's from SB midgame postflop

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      I'm having some troubles with this particular spot and I'd like to discuss it:

      Imagine this situation, typical 9max turbo tournament, you're 6-7 handed

      Blinds 100/200

      UTG: 1500
      UTG+1: 2000
      CO: 1750
      BU: 2000
      HERO (SB): 2700
      BB: 3000

      Hero holecards: 66

      I think we have 5 lines we can take preflop:
      - raise/fold
      - raise/call
      - limp/fold
      - limp/shove
      - shove

      If you raise pre the decision to call or fold to a shove is "trivial" icm so I don't really want to go into that.
      Limp/shoving is also "trivial" because it's a really specific play that you can only use vs specific players imo.

      I think openshoving is +$EV vs almost everyone and might be the prefered way to play the hand vs the typical loose fish. Raising or limp/stabbing isn't easy if your opponent doesn't know where his fold button is. Shoving is a pretty clean and simple way to play the hand.

      I rarely raise this pre (say to like 450-500). It might be the best line vs robot multitablers who are gonna fold a huge part of their range here, but it might get tough vs good adapting regulars. We can't really call here if a good regular shoves over our raise, and it's hard to estimate his resteal range.

      Vs fish raising pre get's you into a whole other situation: they are gonna call too often pre. C-betting is expensive and inefective vs this type of player imo.

      I think limp/stabbing is a good line to take here vs a lot of opponents.

      So I'm basicly wondering, what is the best way to play this hand vs:

      - loose fish
      - robot multitablers
      - "average" fish
      - good regulars
      - ...
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    • zamoda
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      Yeah, its a tough spot.. Usually I just shove pre and hope they call with something like A5o :-)
    • Hlynkinn
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      Loose fish I'm shoving all in cuz he'll be calling our raises to often and we'll find ourselfs in tricky spots postflop... I doubt he ever calls us with worse but It's still +ev

      Robot Multitablers Raising to 2.25xbb and folding to a shove looks okay... These players at least on the 12's will rarely resteal loose enough to justify a call here...

      Average fish - I guess it's a loose passive player?? limp/stab imo.. he's calling too much preflop and he's playing the hand too passive postflop not noticing the power he has by being in position

      Raise/call against good regulars.. since they're inclined to resteal here with a lot of hands with blockers... Ax and maybe even Kx...