Allowed countries for Mansion and Full Tilt Rooms

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    • SneakyhanD
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      I can't recall what countries exactly restricted. But, usually it's the same countries in all Poker Rooms .

      Israel is banned from: Mansion, Titan and PartyPoker as well . .

      I'm so pissed of that . . I'd like to play on PartyPoker but I can't . I don't really like FullTilt's design in the tables . . The Avatars are childish, 9 maximum players . . and there more experienced players than everywhere which means less money or at least harder money .
    • sm9ai
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    • vladyon
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      My only choice was Full Tilt since I am from Bulgaria and it is not that bad. I almost doubled my bankroll for one month but this is together with the bonus amount that they release by 5 $ portions. When you get used to it you will start to like it. :)