Solution for: "failed to establish a connection to '' "

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      Well i have the same problem connecting to but there is also another problem ...

      when i want to install postgresql-8.3 ... i did everything like u mentioned but first difference is that no matter what kind of password i choose program says: your pass is weak would you like for program to choose it random for you and i choose no to do that;

      ... after that on the end when i want to finish text appear:
      The Secondary Logon service is required for the installer to initialize database.
      Please start this service and try again.

      I need to tell you that i already had installed this software (but delete it from computer and i remember i deleted posgreSQL also and i think i missed or forgot some infos regarding postgreSQL and other stuff ... is it possible to fix this or should i reboot the whole computer system?

      Any kind of help would be appreciated!!!
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