chances of geting made hands

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      hello, let's say I have 89s, what are the chance of getting pair, two pair, three of a kind, full house, straight, flush on the flop? if I remember correctly, I saw tutorial about that, but can't find it now, I am now bronze too, not silver anymore, so maybe that's the point.

      Is there chart for this one? thanks
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      If you google "Mike Caro" you should find the "Mike Caro University" where there are detailed odds tables covering most possibilities for not only hold'em but also stud, five card draw, lowball and razz.

      They make interesting reading, and are useful to know, but when some donk calls pot sized bets to the river where he hits his gutshot, or worse still his one outer, the odds really don't seem that important any more.
      Sure he was making a mistake to call your raise pre flop, your C-bet on the flop, and your second barrel on the turn, but none of that seems to matter when he effectively steals what should have been your pot.

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      Poker probability/wikipedija

      little about odds and probability