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      Hello everyone!

      I am Arin from Slovenia. I have been playing poker for quite some time now. We had many live tourneys In my town with friends and we also meet quite often for cash games.

      I have registered on pokerstrategy back in 2007, but immediately lost my 50$ starting capital, because I didn`t really take it seriously. I didn`t use bankroll management and did`t study at all. In the last years I played on many different sites and was more or less breakeven or made some little profit.

      I started to take it seriously in the last year or even better in the last few months. I consider this September as the turnaround point in my carrer. I started to build my bankroll from ~200$ playing on the 2.25$ SNGs on fulltilt, but was quickly moving up, because I used a quite risky bankroll management of 50 buyins or less. Right now I am somewhere in between the 12$ and 24$ SNGs.

      My goal is of course to become a poker pro and be able to live by playing poker. I know it will be hard and there will be many swings, but I hope and want to make it.

      I will to track my progress here and post as often as possible.

      Hope you like the presentation, now here are some graphs to let you see how I was performing:

      Lifetime graph:

      Current December graph (best month ever):

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