$40 no rebuys live tourny

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      Last night i went down to my local casino with a couple of friends to participate in a $40 no rebuys tournament. 100 people entered and there was a prize pool of $4000. 2500 chips to start

      The tournaments at this casino tend to be fairly loose and i've tried a few different styles.. i decided to play it fairly tight and solid. We were seated and i folded a few hands and came across KQ - I called and it folded round to the button who raised 3x big blind (150) - i called. flop comes KQ4, i check and he bets around 4x big blind... i call. next card was 10 - i check and he bets 20x big blind.. i reraise all in he calls and turns over AK my KQ holds up and i double up.

      im pretty card dead for the next hour or so until im about chip average, i then get AQ in mid position raise to 3x big blind (1200), someone goes all in for 1000 and some1 else calls. flop comes Q 4 9. caller goes all in for another 1000 or so, he flips over QJ and my AQ holds up. By this time i was about double the average.

      I then see an all in in front of me for about 2x big blind (blinds about 300-600) - I call with QQ and get outdrawn by his KQ. I then eliminate a few short stacks in a few coinflips my AK vs 55, 88 vs AJ and am the chip leader.

      I continue to play tight and again win a lot more coin flips than i loose. The bubble gets knocked out and i go onto the final table with 1/4 of the chips in play.

      3rd hand of final table i call with QJ everyone else folds and BB checks.. I hit a Q on the flop and BB goes all in with middle pair or something. my queens hold up. A lot more action goes down and everyone seems to see me as a tight aggressive player which helps me pick up a few blinds (which were very big at the time) It comes down to the final 3 and I have about 100,000 another person has about the same and the last person has 50,000 - the blinds are at about 4-8000.

      Final 3 sees quite a lot of raise and take it pre flop with no all ins. the short stack (at about 30,000) then goes all in and i call with my AT - his AQ holds up. I am now 2nd in chips and i pick up AA on the button with the blinds at 8-16000. SB folds and BB checks - flop comes 3 6 10 rainbow BB bets 40,000 i go all in he calls with top pair - my aces hold up. i double up and he is extremely SS'd. he gets eliminated by my AQ a few hands later and i am heads up with about a 4:1 chip lead. I grind him down to about 40,000 and i pick up an ace and go all in. He calls with his AA (lol) and it holds up.

      I then grind him down again to about 30,000 and we both go all in me with K7 him with K8 and i hit a 7 on the flop and win the tourny for $1400.

      Was a lot of fun - hope you enjoyed my story
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