ICM trainer difference

    • Duncan737
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      Hi, I was learning with ICM trainer and tried 2% edge.
      I was quite confused with hand - HU 3:1 stack proportion, 12bb SS on SB, his calling range was around 34% and my suggested range was over 70%. When I typed hand into nash calculator villain's range was same, but pushing range was over 50%.
      Wide pushing range here (with same calling!) has contrary effect than getting more value from worse player or am I wrong?
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    • gedwashere91
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      Apparently PokerStrategy's ICM trainer has major problems when you change the Edge settings. I've been told to leave it at 0 :)
    • pzhon
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      That does sound buggy, but even if it worked as intended, you need a very clear, specific reason not to use an edge of 0%. Wanting to have a skill advantage over your opponents is not a reason to use a nonzero edge. Having a huge advantage over your opponents at that stack depth, and a large established ROI (say, over 20% in STTs) might be a reason to use a nonzero edge when large pots are likely, but almost no one has an ROI like that over a decent sample. The players with the highest ROIs don't look for edges to turn down. They try to find more edges to take.