Hot Form Micro stakes

    • Tuvoc
      Joined: 28.11.2010 Posts: 98
      Eaven do i am embarased to post my graph with micro stakes and no more then 41 games played.!
      I can say ty PokerStrategy i learned a gread deal from this site and im finaly going up .. !!
      When i first started i was loosing rly badly to the point i wanted to quit :D
      I got my act together and today it payed off :D
      I got 3 sucesive payouts 2 tourneys from 1,20 SnG 18 and one 1.20$ 27 ppl

      Just a thing to make my holidays perfect ;D
      I know this is rly small for some of u guy that will probably read this but for me its a mountain :D :D

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