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Strategy when big stacked in tournaments

    • fiveshuffle
      Joined: 25.11.2007 Posts: 13
      Without doubt one of the weakest parts of my game is when I get myself into a decent position in larger tournaments and just never seem to be able to go on from that point to a higher finish. I think part of it is maybe the psychological aspect of wanting to make the money once I'm well stacked and not wanting to go out with nothing, who knows.

      This in turn leads me to play ultra-TAG and look for good cards (which to be fair is my normal game most of the time anyway) but any hints from other members of direction towards any good articles on this would be much appreciated.

      Do I limp any unraised pots with any two cards and try to bully post-flop? Do I raise in position with any two cards? Am I right in playing as I currently am but due to going card-dead/bad luck I'm thinking it's weakness (daft idea I know, but just to make certain I'm playing badly!)?

      Many thanks,
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    • chenny8888
      Joined: 03.10.2007 Posts: 19,324
      personally i'm a fan of an LAG-L/M playstyle if I'm the bigstack. this will basically involve a nice small bet preflop and a small continuation bet on the flop. It's a playstyle referred to by many as smallball. with smallball you have to know when to get away from hands, and also you have to have decent reads on your opponents. also, do not get involved with super-small stacks with marginal hands as they are liable to put you all-in, in which case you will most likely have to call due to pot odds.

      the good thing about being a chip leader, however, is that you can play nearly any style you want. smallball is most effective against a tight table, but if you're facing a loose aggressive table, you can play your tight/passive game, if you're against a loose/passive table you can play your tight/aggressive game.

      it is my opinion that as a big stack against weak-medium opponents, you don't need cards to win.