Tips to get SP Bonus

    • duniapoker
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      Thanks so much for this promotion. Even I dont still understand how you count it, but great thanks anyway. Just sharing tips how to get SP easily. That is playing at stakes $0.10/0.25 Cap $7.50 No Limit Hold'em. Pot is often more than $1 so this is good for your rake, thus getting SP Bonus.

      I believe today is my last bronze day. With 93 SP today then I just need 1 SP to get silver status by tomorrow. Hope I am right. And thanks again for your PS150..!!
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    • MichaelM
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      That is nice feedback :) Thanks for that.

      I am not sure what promotion you are referring to - You mean the $50 starting capital? Check this page for the full explanation: Play poker and collect StrategyPoints to gain access to even more content.
      For a certain amount of rake you receive a certain amount of Strategy Points.

      Example: At William Hill you receive 5 Strategy Points for every $1 rake.

      This is what our glossary has to say about what rake actually is:

      The rake or "chop" is the house's cut of each and every pot. A hand where a rake is taken is called a raked hand. The raked amount is subject to certain conditions. In general, a rake of 5% of the pot is taken, as long as the pot has exceeded a predetermined size. The maximum rake per hand limit is also determined by the particular establishment and by the limit being played. A cardroom will not take a percentage rake when a hand does not have a flop. This is called "no flop, no drop"