HEM HUD Stats and Table Scanner

    • penfoldfan
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      Hi all,

      So for christmas i bought myself HEM... and after playing around with it for a bit i'm looking for some advice regarding how to set up my HUD effectively (what stats to use, how to colour code them effectively, what is a "high" VPIP etc etc)...

      The other bit i'm struggling with is how to use the Table Scanner app properly too - i was hoping this would give me quite a bit of help in finding games to play, but at the moment it is of little use....

      Is most of this a case of grinding hands until i have some good enough data to help with both of the above points??

      Happy to share experiences and ideas, so if anyone out there can help or has similar questions then let me know!
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    • fryandspicy
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      Hi, this thread has some useful approximations in it regarding stat colour coding:

      Colour Coding for Cash Games

      As for table selection, you'll need to have a decent number of fish identified for it to have much use as far as i know. Just look for tables with high players per flop (>30%) and an average pot size over 15 big blinds.
    • elchipriota
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      Hi everyone, I recently changed my HUD and decided to colour code it for the first time.

      I would really aprecciate it if you could have a look at the ranges I assigned below and give me your thoughts whether anything has to be changed.

      PFR <12% (Is this too narrow?)

      VPIP <15%

      SB STEAL <55% (same for bb steal)

      3bet <5%

      Fold to 3bet <40%

      Four bet range <5%

      Flop Cbet <55%

      Fold to flop Cbet <40%

      Raise flop cb <10% (is this range too low?)

      Fold flop Cb <50%
      to raise <70%

      Bet v missed CB IP <30% (same range for bet turn v missed cb oop)

      Agg factor <1.5%

      WTSD <20%
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      Moved to Holdem Manager Board subforum guys ok?

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      I don't think this question belongs to HEM technical support, its a strategy question :s_biggrin: