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    • j0kerstar
      Joined: 08.12.2010 Posts: 420
      . If you do not fit into their other world, you like a splinter in your finger is the way you want to have. And I am the splinter.
      I now sometimes do not look perfect, I am rather thick, as many believe but a pretty face (although I do not see it) .. but yet I do not fit in their IHER imagination!
      You come early in the class and has very well today will be another fucking day. You hardly need to make the classroom door opposite the elevators are these looks that say a: Woar now comes the fat again .. what does the here. Or: Today we can again make really ready.
      Not be ready to make it only in the literal would, no proposals are written also high on the agenda.
      to harass Injeglichen basics of making a name for the wind down because I still as lucky: Popp surname with hot -.-.. I get everything I do or say, everything is drawn into the negative. There are two makes you feel as opinionated individuals once a girl that enjoys all the attention of the class. And even a guy who does the same. If the two have not even been a day I really einenr stalls, but the garkeine good day to have more. I've already sought help often, my parents try to mödliche what is ihnenzu to help me. Experiments with the school to do something but the school is interested in a damn how it goes one. eingekerht Whether the terror continues, or whether is calm. The experience I had at that time when I was hit, I can not go today. At night when I sleep, I see how the young raises his hand against me and me with his fist one Druchreicht.
      And all because I just wanted a Arbeitsblatkopie as anyone in this class (he had to hand out the sheets). What am I doing wrong please .. why .. I I am the soverdammt really bad that you hate me just can? I realize that I carry to blame, for I am ziehmlig impulsive, say my opinion that many variable does not fit, because I am not a human one in the ass sticks and he says great but, although he is only just cruel. I'm just my own opinion and I am now even the the damned Erlich I will not even take. Although it seems as if I was as strong as I write this, but I'm not. Each day again have to hear such things ELEB to have to see UDN, make me just finish. I give myself the blame for it .. I wanted to finish before with all the letters were written and were on the Küschentisch. I saw no way out, but where irgednwo cih stood there so I thought to myself, for your school you will never see the people again, you can start again Just let the lie to the left to try to go find new friends who take you as you are. Easier said to pay as getahn if schwirigkeit comes to that, the people you all friends take you had to lie verbreitnen stories about you, by prejudices, then you have no change somewhere again to start over, if only not because you the not at all let go. I arrived at a point where I can not at all with compliments more Umeh, also do if ihc error, I expect they will also transpose criticism, but you lack irgednwo someone you are holding it. I arrived at a point where any little things I hurt so bad I would rather say, mom dad brother Herzl .. does well .. I'm going to go, I think that everything here is no longer I who will miss the already further out you .. 'm eh nothing to use it.
      .. And all you have to bear all the years with my current 18, shows me one of the can and the reason not to go ...
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