Tips for NL50 at Stars

    • Laggsy
      Joined: 04.09.2010 Posts: 301
      So I recently took a couple of shots at NL50 after running well at NL25 for a couple of weeks. But atm I'm finding it really tough.

      I'm really struggling to get some reads on players and almost everybody there has played >500k hands so they are pretty solid.

      So if u have any tips on how i should go about my poker it would be a great help.

      I think I might wait until I have about 25 buyins for NL50 rather than 20 like i do atm.

      Thanks poker peeps.
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    • jonnyjm
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      light 3 betting and 4 bet bluffing are useful tools for this limit if used against the right opponents.

      Play is noticabley tighter on NL50 than NL25, so lossen up a shit load from MP2+.