Loose players / Habitual Cold caller

    • muel294
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      Hi all

      I was recently playing NL10 FR and had a player sat to my left who was particularly Loose preflop given the action, routinely cold calling 3 bets and open raises regardless of position, number of opponents or prior action.

      He seemed to base his decisions as follows: I have AJs I will see the flop.

      despite there being a limp a raise and a 3bet. In addition he was calling pot sized C-bets with things like gutshots and weak pairs.

      Obviously we can categorize this player as a calling station but what I wanted to discuss was squeezing this type of player given the chance. In this instance the player was sat to my left so this wasn't possible.

      Am I right in saying we should only be squeezing with our value hands here because the opponent would not give up so readily postflop to c-bets?

      But if the opponent was loose preflop and fit or fold postflop then could we lower our squeezing requirements to a wider variety of hands, if so what would we recommend.

      Apologies if there are threads or articles on this, I just had the urge to ask this one.


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    • thazar
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      a squeeze by definition is a bluff where you want the initial raiser to fold and the callers to fold as well because they don't have the previous odds. So if you have a premium hand ideally you want villain to call so not a squeeze :D .
    • muel294
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      Ah right, but against players who dont fold often enough postflop we dont want to be squeezing at all then, since we just build a pot where we have little chance of winning unless we miraculously make a hand that we can value bet on the flop?
    • SiXAT
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      3bet more hands for value AJ+ KQ+ 88+ mybe even AT KJ too
    • Alficor1
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      Wait for good hands, value bet the shit out of him. Easy game. :f_cool: Dont bluff him, please.
    • flopraiser
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      My idea on these player types:

      Variance is high against these players as you never have any idea of their hand strength as they call you down to the river with small pockets, often any draw and overcards along with their strong hands. Value bet premium hands all the way, sometimes your beaten on the flop but I find this strategy effective in the long run. Give any continuation bet a miss if you don't hit as their generally not paying too much attention to your betting sequence and stay clear of speculative hands as its difficult to get value out of them unless you are in postion and have good implied odds.