Hello! =)

    • bodyus
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      Hello !! I`m from Latvia :s_cool:
      The best wishes to you in the New Year!!! :f_biggrin:

      p.s. I can`t wait when i get my 50$ :D :D :D
      this message is standing now about 3 days:
      "Please wait
      Our customer service is going to check your information and if necessary get back to you and ask for further information. Please check your emails from time to time."

      p.s.s. Sorry for my English spelling :D

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    • MichaelM
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      Welcome bodyus and Happy New Year to you :)
      If we have a lot of new Pokerstrategists on our site, sometimes it can take a bit, until the $50 starting capital is processed.

      What strategy are you going for?