Hi all!

    • EssexIron
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      Hi all, New to the site and thought i'd drop in and say hi.

      Been playing poker, and losing for the last 18 months, i have one a few tournaments here and there, but I seem to get such bad luck when playing online, so started to look inward at the way i'm playing so thought I'd sign up here and see if i can improve.

      Even just taking the initial starting quiz and looking at the starting hand chart, i'm constantly playing hands which I shouldn't do.

      What I will say, that some of the questions are slightly to regimented, say middle position with pocket 9's, knowing how a lot of online poker players play, people in early position raise with the likes of kj or qj suited from early positions, so flat calling in middle position with say 7/8/9's isn't wrong, and then re evaluate on the flop.

      well, it took me 4 times to complete the quiz, and look forward to talking with you all about hands, beats and other poker stories.

      Happy New year
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    • EssexIron
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      Just to make things worse, played on partypoker, not played a hand untill i get dealt aces, raised 3x BB and the chip leader shoves, he holds ace 9.

      Flop QJ9
      Turn 9
      River 4

    • justkyle88
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      Hey EssexIron,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy.com and the community.

      Sorry to hear your struggling atm. Hopefully our team at PokerStrategy.com can help you become a better player. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.