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HU's sng , Reg/Turbo/Super ?

    • SneakyhanD
      Joined: 29.10.2007 Posts: 700
      Hello I just started playing Husng like a week ago, I'm learning and playing the micro limits 1-2s, 1s mostly cuz I don't see any reason to play 2s since I'm just learning and I've 50$ BR. been going down and up between 40-60$ for 2-3 weeks already.

      Still confused about what game I want to focus, mixing around 9man SnG's , rarely some cash NLFR, and consider to participate in MT-SnG or MTT's sometime..

      Anyway, about HU's .. I feel more like playing SUperTurbos although variance really high but eventually it seems to be all the same at this limit. There are maniacs shoving crap at all type of games at regs/turbos/superturbos .. and on the SuperTurbos it seems the way to go cuz it's very likely someone will call ur push when u got a good hand.

      The goal is to beat the limit I play on, and the question is what is the optimal way to go ?
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    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      There are a lot of possible right choices, and you should figure out your strengths. If you are good at everything, then you can play a mixture, but if you are learning then you may want to focus on one game where you seem to do well. Since you don't know your own win rates, you can't optimize, but try to find a game you like where you feel you can outplay your opponents.

      I am concerned that you are talking about maniacs pushing trash and having your good hands paid off when you push. When the blinds are very small and there are many players at the table, you can usually play a value-oriented game and punish players who do not have the patience to wait for good hands. However, in a SNG, you are often shorthanded with high blinds, and when it is not HU, your opponents are often risk-averse. This means the standard way to outplay many opponents is to semibluff with a wide range. You should often push with hands which are going to be way behind when called. If you wait to get your money in with the best hand, you will often blind down to the point that you are just trying to win your chips back.
    • Sandwind
      Joined: 28.12.2010 Posts: 67
      i ve been playing husngs since june 2010 and i think i ve become a good enough player to be able to teach others so if u want to ask any questions just give me a pm