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15K in a year - Mtt project.

    • Lindberg789
      Joined: 10.04.2009 Posts: 314
      Hey guys, and welcome to my blog. :f_cool:
      First some basic stuff, gonna keep it short.
      21 years from Denmark, Mtt player - 5k winnings in last 2 years over a 4k sample which include my fishy time, and time playing 9man sngs - this is approx my first 1500 games.

      So what is this blog gonna be about?
      You guessed it, winning 15k in a year and setting myself in a position to go pro. I'm gonna be playing at Fulltilt starting with around 1200$ tomorrow. =)

      I'm gonna set some longterm goals, and then give you my thoughts on how the next 52 weeks gonna go down.

      :spade: Goal for 2011 :spade:
      Make 15.000$ including rakeback
      Play 8000 tourneys
      Keep ROI at minimum 30% over 8k sample
      BRM minimum 200 average BI - 300 is preferable

      So this is the goals for this new year, and here is the overview of how it's gonna go down.

      I'm gonna buy a new laptop tomorrow and set it up with ekstra 20inch monitor. I'm gonna buy Hold'em manager and Sng wiz. And then I will deposit around 1200$ at ftp.

      I'm gonna 10table at first while getting used to HEM and ftp again, playes my last 1.5k games at stars. I'm gonna play the 90 man Ko's 6.5$ and 3.3$, and tourneys below 8.8$ for starters (rebuys 2$, and sometimes the 10$ deep tourneys).

      I'm gonna review my play after every session or atleast before I start a new session - In the start I expect it to take 30min, so it becomes something like 2 hours reviewing per week if I have 4 days of grinding.
      I'm not gonna spend to much time watching videos and stuff, but might attend grummeler's coaching on mondays.

      Every sunday I will review my performance of the week and give you guys an overview. I will post my leaks for the week and how to fix them so you guys might get something out of following this project.
      I will post trouble hands in evaluation forum and bring some strategy content in the blog - first strategy post will come next sunday, and discuss the 90 man KO's.

      I would really like some sweat partners for later in this project so feel free to add me on skype: Lindberg789

      This post is already getting long, so I will end this post with next weeks goals.

      :club: Week 1 :club:
      Buy labtop, HEM, Wiz and set it up
      Deposit at ftp
      Play 200 tourneys
      Keep average BI around 5$
      Review a lot, and post trouble hands.

      See you guys, take care.
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    • dydukas
      Joined: 01.05.2009 Posts: 1,275
      Definitely gonna follow this! I would like to grind 90 KOs too someday, I hope I will find inspiration here. :)
    • Lindberg789
      Joined: 10.04.2009 Posts: 314
      I will do my best to inspire then. ;D
    • konkey
      Joined: 29.12.2009 Posts: 385
      Good luck!
    • amplifyd
      Joined: 03.08.2009 Posts: 1,769
      Good luck. I hope to also make a similar amt of profit this year from mtts and mttsngs. I am starting with 2k. Added you on skype.
    • Lindberg789
      Joined: 10.04.2009 Posts: 314
      Thanks guys.
      Small update, got my new labtop and set up with monitor, and now I'm transfering my poker stuff to the new computer, and tonight I will deposit.
      Have already written some of the strategy content that will come sunday, and I can see that the 90 man KO strategy part will come over 2 sundays at minimum, cause when I got down to writing my thoughts down it filled up pages quickly, and if I wanna take in some wiz examples it and stuff it's gonna be too much reading for one post. :p

      So will update again tomorrow on how this first night went.

      Amplifyd: I'll accept you, good luck with your project. ;)
    • Splut7
      Joined: 05.02.2009 Posts: 71
      I guess you got yourself another follower :f_biggrin:
      Definitely interested in the 90 KO strategy stuff, i have tried and failed to beat these tournaments!

      Good luck with your challenge!
    • DevineBluff
      Joined: 31.12.2010 Posts: 6
      This must be followed, cuz i'm going to play 3.30KO &6.60KO @ FTP ))
      Good luck 2 u!
    • NIVEKii
      Joined: 01.01.2009 Posts: 1,138
      Good luck, but isn't 15k an awful low amount to go pro on?
    • Lindberg789
      Joined: 10.04.2009 Posts: 314
      So played a session last night 10-tabling, and man do I need to get use to dual monitors. :)
      Also the fact that I haven't played for almost 3 weeks makes me think too much about some standard spots - so I'll be 8 or 6 tabling in my first session today to get a feel for villians ranges again.

      Nivekii: I think a 15k bankroll is enough to go pro on.
    • sufix645
      Joined: 20.09.2009 Posts: 519
      hey! GL at your project ;)
      Thats rly depends how much per month you need to spent for a living.. For me it would be ok even with 10k or less, so..
    • Tscek
      Joined: 10.12.2010 Posts: 60
      I'll follow this. Good luck to you!
    • Lindberg789
      Joined: 10.04.2009 Posts: 314
      Thanks for the good luck, haven't felt it yet though. But it's okay, have a feeling I'm not playing optimally anyways. And can't get Hem hud to work. :(

      So I'm just finishing my tourneys and going to bed with gf, then i'll look at it tomorrow again. have only played 50games these two days.

      Damn now hud is working.. nice :D
    • 2brokenjaws
      Joined: 31.08.2010 Posts: 49
      I want to do a similar thing im 22, but i'm currently stuck grindin not only at the micro stakes with a semi resonable bankroll, but also a full time day job 9 to 5 being an electrician and studying for engineering at night... so maybe this time next year i think!

      Best of luck though buddy and i will follow and wish you every success in the future!.....
    • Lindberg789
      Joined: 10.04.2009 Posts: 314
      Hey guys.
      So when the hud started working yesterday I was happy, had 6 90 man ko's going with less than 27 people in with good stacks in all of them. But as it went I made one final table and came 6th, so no great results yet.
      Have been playing around with wiz this morning, and found out I might be pushing too tight and over adjusting to people calling looser in ko's - and at the same time I'm restealing too loose. So I need to think about this when starting my set up today.

      Do anybody have any great ways to review your game? Maybe something that is quick also. Cause going through every tourney can take forever.
      Thinking about marking hands as I play, but I might miss some spots then.

      That's it for now, I'll update again tomorrow.
    • macounpa
      Joined: 21.04.2010 Posts: 42
      Hello Lindberg, you got another follower, i am playing on the same level as you. btw with the same setup :) Personally i mark interesting/trouble hands during session in my PT3 for review and then from each tourney sort hands by mark. If you dont mind I will add you to my skype for some future reviewing/sweat sessions.

      GL with your project.
    • macounpa
      Joined: 21.04.2010 Posts: 42
      BTW I am little confused about your part with money goal ... Its ok to put yourself under pressure with setting money target ? How much from your goal is treated as bankroll for RL things (rent etc.) ? To this time i have day job + trying to put some volume everyday. In turning to pro issue I have been thinking of following strategy ... build two rolls :

      Life roll - i think that money for 1 year of living in Czech Republic will be 15-18K USD/I think that for Denmark is +- same ?

      Poker roll - presuming that our life roll is build from our winnings, then this should be 5-10K ?

      Suggestions welcome
    • Lindberg789
      Joined: 10.04.2009 Posts: 314
      macounpa: added you on skype.
      Money targets is okay when we are talking long run I guess, but 15k over 8k sample is definently doable even at the stakes i'm playing now, and i'm gonna move up later this year i guess.

      About going pro thing, the 15k is solely my poker bankroll.
      My liferoll is sponsered by work and being a student - so no problem there.
      Well 15-18k is same as you make studying in denmark - i need 50k to reach average salery, and that's before taxes.
      So going pro in denmark is hard - but I might move south if I decide to make it happen. But one year at a time. ;D

      I did the marking hands thing, I'll analyse later - still in game.
    • fusionpk
      Joined: 21.01.2010 Posts: 1,692
      Yeah saying $15k in a year is only like saying I want to try and achieve x% ROI over a good sample really.
    • Bigniux
      Joined: 09.01.2009 Posts: 2,098
      Gl with your journey :) This will be 1st blog i'll follow from start lol :D