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27 and 90 man SnG's

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    • Bubalus
      Joined: 02.08.2008 Posts: 1,039
      Why would I (as a fish) choose STT over 27/45/90? First reason is the time spent to reach the moneys. Id choose 25-45 min over 1.5h any time. Cash amount is not important here. Winning money is because its fun. Second reason is the luck factor. In a STT I can double up early and play more hands after that which is fun again if I dont have to wait for a good hand for a long time. And if I am lucky maybe I can take another player out, tripling my stack and have a good chance to come at least third. In 27 etc if I DU early it is not so significant. I still have to play many hands to stand a chance going for the final table and probably just doubling up is not enough. I might actually have to play postflop rather than pushing my AA etc and might be outplayed postflop, loosing a slice of my stack. Running into better hands/suck out/bad play to loose a stack is more significant than in STT. In the 27/45/90 anger factor is also much higher when you happen to reach FT and bubble. You have done good for over an hour and then boom, first out of money. So as a fish I know that reaching itm is much easier on STT than MT sng. As I know that luck factor is much higher in MT I might try my luck at STT instead. So MT sngs are for people who know what they are doing, therefore for regs :D I tried :P
    • sirilidion
      Joined: 15.04.2008 Posts: 1,656
      The time ismaybe an issue for you but not for most fish because every tournament you put a ganrantue prizepool in attract thousand to thasands of players.Also the 18 man, 45 man and 180 man mt SnG do fill up rather quickly only the 27 man and 90 man almost never fill up which seemed pretty strange to me

      MT SnG's are for people that know what there doing? lol :D . On the micros's maybe but once you move up to the $ 16 STT's and beyound those have a lot of people that know what they are doing. While this is mostly not the case with the mt SnG's