JJ vs 30/10 player, right move?

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    • muel294
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      over 20 hands I dont think we can read too much into the stats. I think might just bet/fold the flop here and check fold bad turns as he could quite possibly min 3bet small with hands like AK, AQ maybe 99 that will find it difficult to peel a turn? Althought the smallish 3 bet stinks of strength to me so I would give more weight to the stronger side of his range i.e QQ+

      As played on the turn I would probably take the same line. Maybe he's got Tx type hand and is scared of the Q on the turn or maybe he's stronger with something like AQ and overpair or a set and is scared of flush draws getting there on the turn.

      Too marginal to call anyways and I dont think you can block bet either as nothing worse calls anyway I think, unless he's really bad.
    • MasaKrisT
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      Thank you.