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Looking for study partner on HU SNGs

    • blackops888
      Joined: 25.04.2010 Posts: 502
      Hey people... Here is the deal.

      Recently I watched a video on a training site and noticed that one of their coaches uses to play low buy-in level matches with a friend and in the end they discuss their play, the way they perceive each other's game and the lines each one adopted. When I saw that, I thought I might be able to do something like that too. The coach even made a top quality video when playing some of these matches that was very instructive to me.

      I've been playing on midstakes HU SNGs lately and I'd really like to find a partner to play a few matches on Full Tilt Poker. After that we could talk over Skype about some of our critical hands, the way they were played, the ranges we were putting each other on, the spots in which we usually find ourselves in a bad shape, etc. I was thinking of a series of matches consisting of the following:

      1. Both of us play a series of about 5 matches on a HU SNG for around 1 hour on a low buy-in level like $1.10. (And why not play at higher buy-in levels? Seriously, if we were to play on our regular levels, shouldn't we just get back there and try to find the bad players as usual, instead of voluntarily sitting with an opponent we know has at least somewhat of a clue of the game??? We're here to study, right? Hence, playing any higher in this situation makes no sense.)

      2. Both of us give the best we've got on each match, regardless of the low amounts of money involved. (No haste, no spewy play)

      3. As we play each of us marks around 5-8 hands for a deep review in the end of the series of matches. (It is imperative to have PT, HEM or something similar turned on during the match)

      4. As we end the series of matches both of us connect on Skype and talk about those marked hands, one by one. (We talk about what we were thinking when betting/calling/raising, what ranges we were putting each other on, what we thought each one might be trying to do based on our previous observations about each other's games, what major leaks we have identified on each other, etc. It has to be very well structured and meant to be constructive for both sides.)

      All of this should take 2 to 2.5 hours. I think that might be very interesting to have an opponent's perspective added to our own undestanding about our games, as well as having new information we might not be able to catch without other people's support.

      I'm available to do this thing every Sunday at any time, or at night during the week. I'm based on (Brazil GMT -3) time zone, so we need to take that into consideration before scheduling the matches. I speak both English and Portuguese languages and have no preferences over my partner's nationality (as long as he has some clue about the game too! )

      I'm available on Skype under "redskywalker888" and we can arrange things directly from there, through call or message. If anyone gets interested you may put here your contact details so that other people may create study teams of their own.

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