-Just another plame question..

    • DonksDonkz
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      Ok, i've made few mistakes after passing quiz and ID test
      and, i need to choise in which client to send the money. I alrdy have
      registrations in some clients, and i made fail at regist in few of them.
      When i ask support center they send me a this>>>
      " You can still receive your starting capital at another of our partners if you wish. Here is a list of the poker rooms which are eligible for a starting capital, along with an installation guide for each of them:
      http://www.pokerstrategy.com/quiz/platform/ "

      Is this means that i can choise only betwean fulltilt and cake? or i can choise
      every client that is in poker "Poker Rooms" section

      sorry for being lame,

      tnx in advice >

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi DonksDonkz,

      You can only receive the starting capital at those platforms shown in the link provided by the support team.

      We have other partner platforms that you are welcome to sign up to, but the free starting capital is only currently available on those shown.

      If you prefer to deposit your own funds and not receive the free starting capital, you can select any of the partner sites (where you haven't previously held an account).

      Hope this helps, good luck & best regards,