first 1K day

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      well this is not completly true b/c i have had multiple 1K+ days through winning MTTs (biggest being 6K) but this is my first time winning this much money at the cash tables. I won my money playing live nl200 FR.
      biggest pot
      Hero (MP): $550
      Villian 1 (BU):$700ish
      Villian 2(BB): $800ish
      Blinds 1/2 Optional $5 Straddle
      Villain 1: Chinnese guy. Looked like he had a decent job and was just a recreational poker player. Prob a losing poker player who does not lose too much in any individual session.
      Villian 2: Also a Chinnese guy. Looks like a huge fish. Plays wayy too many hands and doesnt look like he knows what he is doing postflop
      Hero dealt 33
      1 call Hero calls 2 calls BU calls BB calls Straddle checks
      Flop K43
      Checks around to the BU, BU bets 35, BB calls, Hero calls
      Turn 6
      BB check, Hero check, BU bets 100, BB calls, (at this point I am sooo scared of 44 but live players overplay their hands soo much that I cant possibly fold), Hero raises AI, BU tank calls (at this point I know that he is behid b/c he would of snapped 44), BB quickly folds
      River Q
      Villian 1 shows K6s and has 2 pair
      Hero shows 33 and has 3 of a kind
      Hero wins a massive pot.

      After the hand Villian 1 said something very funny: " I knew I was behind but I thought u could be doing that with something like 56"
      I was playing 9/7 and everyone prob noticed that I was a nit so i obv didnt have 56 in my PF calling range.
      Me "Ofc. U had to call, it was just bad luck buddy"
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